Welcome to Wild Islay Birding

otterWe are a new venture in wildlife tourism on the beautiful Isle of Islay.

Islay is the southern-most island of the Inner Hebrides and is often referred to as “Queen of the Hebrides”. She lies off the west coast of Scotland within Argyll and Bute and on a clear day you can see the north coast of Ireland. It spans 240 sq miles and has 130 miles of coastline boasting many beautiful beaches and rugged cliffs.

It is world famous for its whisky production and there are 8 distilleries here, with hope of a ninth. All produce amazing malts with specific Islay qualities and people visit to “appreciate” as many as possible, and why not. Islay though has more to offer!

hen-harrier-circle2Islay has spectacular and diverse scenery with varying habitats which are home to outstanding wildlife. Attracting more than 200 species of birds, 100 or so breed here, including hen harrier, chough, lapwing, corncrake and not forgetting golden and white-tailed eagles. Islay is also famous for the mass migration of geese that visit each winter, up to 50,000, mainly barnacle and Greenland white-fronted geese but often other species can be seen too.

Red, roe and fallow deer are all around and brown hares can be seen in many farm fields, whilst along the coast you will find otters and grey and common seals. Dolphins are often spotted and if you’re lucky, basking shark and minke whales too.

Islay is also home to two of the most beautiful RSPB reserves, Loch Gruinart and The Oa.

All in all, you can see Islay is truly a gem waiting to be discovered and hopefully we can help play a part in making your visit a memorable one.

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