March News

Great Grey Shrike

Great Grey Shrike

During the weeks of February and into March we’ve been quite busy here at Wild Islay Birding with a good number of folk joining me on my tours including my youngest wildlife watchers yet, at only seven years old.

We’ve had some amazing views of otter, merlin, and golden eagles along with a great grey shrike that has appeared on the island, very nice.

It’s been great to have had some spectacular sightings of white tailed eagles on the shoreline. On one day in particular not one or two but four, yes four, were seen together. A brilliant day!

Along with the many barnacle and white fronted geese in the fields are flocks of lapwing, twite and golden plover. Hen harriers are being spotted a lot more now and signs of the males starting to sky dance, is an added treat at this time of year.

It’s amazing to see how many hares are out in the fields as soon as “mad March” appears giving rise to where the saying comes from. It won’t be long before all the boxing starts.

The gorse, which covers this island, is starting to bloom giving us a sign that spring is on its way at last and reminding me that it won’t be long before the geese leave us again.

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