WIB June – July News

Hello from a somewhat wetter Islay, we still have the warmer air but we are having more rain just now. It is certainly helping the barley grow but hiding the wildlife.
But that hasn’t stopped our wildlife watching there have been great views of a mother and pup otter in a beautiful freshwater loch.

Orchids are all around and there are later emerging wildflower blooming all the time.
On the bird front there has been a rarity frequenting the south end of Islay, a stunning male Rose coloured Starling. This is a bird generally from the area of Eastern most Europe across southern Asia which winters in India. In late spring will just go wandering and turn up anywhere. Which was great for a group of birdwatchers I took out to look for it and it landed just beside the van so no hard work there then. On trips out this month we have had great view of a Spotted Flycatcher family busily feeding 3 young and watched groups of Black Guillemot trying to get on mooring buoys around the island.

Starlings, crows and gulls are already gathering in larger groups. We watched the Bowmore Starling murmuration the other night whilst out for dinner with a photographer who was over.

So on to a new month fingers crossed the rain eases off.

IMG_9108 (2)

IMG_9194 (3)



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