WIB News – March – April

haresAnother great month’s wildlife watching around Islay with visitors from near and far. We have had guests from Scotland, England, Canada and the U.S.

I think the best view this month was when otter watching with two guests and a red deer stag emerged from the water and easily walked up the rock slope about 100 metres in front of us and had a short stop and all we saw was its eye turning to take us in. It then walked on and out of sight; don’t think we could actually believe what we had just seen.

Birds have also been brilliant with nesting raven about the island and a small party of ten crossbill’s flying along the treetops of an island woodland. Sea duck numbers are down with birds starting to move off towards their breeding areas.

Insect life is awakening, with the great grey shrike being re found hunting emerging bees. Grass is growing first cut of the season done.


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