Islay Wildlife

Islay has a diverse and abundant amount of wildlife and natural habitat. From the surrounding seas to our high hilltops, including the nearby mountains of our coastal neighbour the Isle of Jura.

Majestic golden and white-tailed eagles soaring overhead to the dipper bobbing on the cold stream below. Red deer bellowing in the autumn rut amongst the trees and Islay’s own stoat, some say a separate sub-species scurrying about traditional stone walls.

On our very own machair we have several members of the orchid family, and seashore favourites such as sea holly. There are wild Islay bays with common and grey seal resting up and watching the world go by and if we’re lucky maybe a stunning otter on a shoreline rock or in one of the inland lochs.

Beautiful butterflies, moths and dragonflies that inhabit this island and the stunning natural landscape alone can call you here.

Not forgetting the many migrants that also flock to Islay. Spring sees corncrake, swallow, martin and warblers in the air, waders on the shoreline and in the sea passing minke whale or basking shark. Winter brings the barnacle and Greenland white-fronted geese in their thousands from the cold north.

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